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  1. L.T. - Portland, Oregon said:

    “Our family began seeing Dr. Chlebowski a few years ago, and in that time he has successfully treated us for every possible condition we could have thrown his way! Dr. Chlebowski has treated us for back injuries, food allergies, asthma, ear infections, multiple colds and flu, tendonitis, food poisoning, appendicitis symptoms, pregnancy and more! There is not an ailment or condition that comes up where our family does not first turn to Dr. Chlebowski for help. We trust his advice and turn to him day and night for help getting and keeping us well. We Definitely see Dr. Chlebowski more than we see our conventional primary care physicians! I don’t know what we would do without his constant help in maintaining our wellness. Dr. Chlebowski is more than just a doctor for our family – we consider him a dear friend and are grateful that we found him!”

  2. N.B. - Jerusalem, Israel said:

    “I found Dr. Chris on an autism website and wrote to him for advice. He graciously offered to help us with our seven year old grandson who was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder. Despite the natural regimen we had him on he had been suffering violent spells, hyperactivity, defiance, and a short attention span. He was in danger of being kicked out of school if we didn’t do something quick!”

    “Chris offered us hope…and a remedy which we promptly applied. The change in my grandson was dramatic! He became his old sweet self almost overnight. Not only did his disposition change, his speech dramatically improved! Suddenly he was able to answer questions and speak in more than three word sentences in two languages! That was about a year ago. Neighbors have noticed how much calmer he is and commented. Another friend who is a child psychologist is amazed by the improvement in his speech and cognitive skills.”

    “Throughout the year Chris has been available and encouraging. His approach is sensible. We’re committed to this path for the long haul. And thank God for Chris and his commitment to natural medicine and to us!”

  3. B.D. - Portland, Oregon said:

    “At the age of three my daughter was diagnosed with severe asthma and various allergies. After fourteen years and many pharmaceutical medications she was still having symptoms that were not under control. As a child she was on the maximum adult doses of medication. She was unable to go into houses that had cats and dogs; this had a huge impact on our lives. All along I felt like the doctors were trying to treat the symptoms and not the cause.”

    “In the spring of ’09 my daughter was not doing well. She was on antibiotics twice and the doctors wanted her on steroids for the second time in two months. This is when we found Dr. Chris. After being under his care for nine months, my daughter can go to her friends’ houses and not have to worry if there are any animals. She is doing great now, happy and free from her asthma symptoms! Thank you Dr. Chris!”

  4. R.S. - Portland, Oregon said:

    “Dr. Chris is a joy to be around, and a wonderful doctor. He takes the time to listen and figure out what is going on with my health and the health of my family. Dr. Chris also does an in depth job of explaining what might be happening.”

    “Dr. Chris lights up around children and is highly engaging with kids. In addition, he is patient and easy going when I have needed treatment and my children are playing about his office. He is also highly responsive in regards to health emergencies. I know that I can count on Dr. Chris for thorough consultation and great care.”

  5. C.M. said:

    We have had the privilege of working with Chris for the past year or so, and he has ruined us for all other health care… none will ever compare. His inquisitive, thorough, holistic approach aims at the root of your ailment, but he is also skilled at symptom relief. Dr Chris develops a compassionate, caring and professional relationship with each of his patients, truly giving his full attention where needed. We could not be more thankful for his presence in our lives. Though we now live in Alaska, he is still our first contact when facing illness, and has been highly available to us over the phone and Skype. We appreciate you so much, Chris.

  6. Terry Brown said:

    I was referred to Dr. Chris by my massage therapist after unsatisfactory treatment for severe foot pain by a podiatrist who ultimately recommended surgery. After several treatments with Dr. Chris and recommended exercises I have had remarkable improvement which continues. I highly recommend Dr. Chris. He works magic and has a terrific personality!!

  7. Gail Dawn said:

    I was able to sit around my first campfire in 10 years after Dr. Chris solved my smoke allergy problems. We again are using our wood burning stove that for the last 10+ years has just been a place to pile “stuff” on top of. And an added benefit is being able to smell the flowers again. Thank you, Dr. Chris, from the bottom of my lungs to the top of my sinuses! The kleenex companies may loose money this year!

  8. Lorin Bailey said:

    Dr. Chris has been a great person work with. I highly recommend Chris for natural healing needs and I certainly appreciated his honesty and genuine care for me as a person. Thank you Dr. C

  9. Durr Elmore, D.C., N.D., LAc. said:

    I have been teaching homeopathy at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine for 28 years. Chris Chlebowski is one of the best, perhaps the best, student I have taught over the years. He is an outstanding physician and human being, and I gladly refer any of my patients in Southern Oregon to Chris.

  10. Laurie Coblentz said:

    My husband and I have moved 15 times in the last 20 years and along with each move comes the chore of finding new physicians. We recently returned to the Jacksonville, OR area and once again were looking for the best doctors. I was referred to Dr. Chris and thank God I made an appointment to meet with him. Dr. Chris is thorough, compassionate, educated, and what’s so refreshing is how Dr. Chris takes the time and effort to find the cause of your problems and comes up with a solution. His holistic knowledge and treatments are truly magical and for me, has changed my life for the better. He has taught me more about myself in these last few months than I have ever known. I will be 62 this year and had basically given up on ever feeling 100% again, thinking this is what comes with age. So not true! Dr. Chris has proven me wrong and I feel better, sleep better and will eventually be off the medications I had been taking for years that weren’t helping me at all. I am a true believer in homeopath/naturopath and feel so blessed to have Dr. Chris in my life. Thank you Dr. Chris for believing in me.

  11. Pam B. said:

    Dr. Chris is simply an amazing resource. I discovered him through a nurse practitioner friend who highly recommended him, and she was right. As someone with chronic problems, I need someone knowledgeable and flexible, who isn’t afraid to make bold, new suggestions yet at the same time listen and work with me. He does that perfectly. He also gets to the bottom of problems with DNA testing (among other things). He’s very knowledgeable and broadly qualified within the ‘natural’ paradigm, able to prescribe drugs, yet knows about other paradigms such as the Chinese/acupuncture one. I live in Paris, France but distance isn’t a problem as we skype, and I can still do the required medical testing. And I love it that I can take his advice and expertise to my western medical doctor (a branch of medicine I’ve long since given up on), and say “this is what’s happening with me – please take note”. And he and his secretary, Natasha, are both lovely, helpful people. A winning combination.

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