Why are you still feeling lousy?

Everybody knows that our healthcare system is broken and people are getting sicker and sicker. It is obvious to anyone who is paying attention. So where does that leave you? Are you still suffering daily, without a diagnosis, wondering when the answer will come?

Have you spent thousands of dollars on doctor’s visits or tests that didn’t amount to anything? Perhaps your doctor doesn’t spend the time to listen and really try and understand your complicated health picture. Or maybe you’ve tried other alternative practitioners whose approaches didn’t work or failed short of solving the problem.

You need an expert with a big tool bag. Your life is too short to waste one more minute feeling lousy. Dr. Chris has helped thousands of people figure out what it wrong with them and he can help you too.

Dr. Chris is considered one of today’s leading authorities on chronic disease, its cause and cure.

By studying and practicing many different systems of medicine Dr. Chris brings a unique approach to healthcare. His own health struggles as a child he forced him to learn how to heal.

“When I was a child I was plagued with debilitating allergies and almost constant respiratory infections. I was fed a stream of antibiotics to deal with the infections as well as pumped full of vaccines at every doctor’s visit. The symptoms of the allergies were dealt with by more medications and I just got sicker and sicker as time went on.

When all of these interventions failed to solve the underlying problems, the best solution the doctor could offer was the remove a vital immune system organ, my tonsils (yes they really are important). I can see now that these ailments were due to eating a diet consisting mostly of wheat, dairy and sugar. It wasn’t until I started my medical training that I begin to unwind the mess my health had become. It took me years to bring myself back into balance. I can only imagine what I would be like now if I hadn’t found the natural healing arts.

I decided to take my health into my own hands but I had to get two degrees and spent tens of thousands of hours in study figuring out how to cure disease. You probably don’t have time to do what I did, so let me help you with my knowledge”

Chronic disease is complicated and it requires a multidisciplinary approach to cure.

If you only have a hammer…everything looks like a nail.

Specialists look for their specialty and lots of general practitioners look what for what they are good at. That is why you have to have someone who looks at disease from many different perspectives to figure out what is wrong with you and come up with an effective plan to cure it.