Did you know that cancer can be cured?

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Last night I watched a very interesting movie. This film was called Burzynski – Cancer is serious business. I will provide the link to youtube for you to watch it at the end of this blog post. This was a fascinating film about Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D. who is a Polish biochemist and medical doctor. In the 1970′s he discovered a  series of peptides that can be extracted from human urine which when administered to a patient can cure many types of serious cancer.  I knew of his work but what the movie showed me was the unrelentless attack by the current medical establishment upon this doctor. Despite his curing thousands of patients with virtually no harmful side effects, unlike the more accepted cancer treatments; chemotherapy and radiation, he has been attacked for decades by the FDA. Why you might ask? Because his therapies work and they threaten the money machine that is the current paradigm of cancer treatment.

Any of my collegues in natural medicine, as well as myself, can attest to the fact that there are many therapies that cure cancer. This often comes as a shock to my patients. They say “I thought we were searching for the cure for cancer”, or ” I had no idea that there were options besides chemo and radiation”. Well this is what the current establishment would have you believe. Millions of dollars are spent each year “racing for the cure” or “living strong” but in reality all of this money goes to the same few people doing the same research. If you know anyone that is struggling with cancer please have them contact me or any of my many collegues around the country who I can refer you to. There are other, effective options besides the slash and burn techniques currently being practiced. Dont get me wrong, there is a time and place for chemotherapy, surgery and radiation but it is not the only option and it is often way less effective than the other therapies out there.

Please take the time to watch this film. I think you will be surprised.


Good luck and good health,

Dr. C

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