The most elegant system of medicine ever developed. During a two-hour interview, a classical homeopath learns everything there is to know about their patient before prescribing, for them, a single substance from nature.

Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing unscientific about homeopathy. It is serious science that requires years of study and continued practice to perfect. It is based on solid, objective principles and successful practice requires extreme discipline and continued education. Only a highly trained practitioner can ascertain the exact substance in nature, which will cure a patient of their chronic health problems.

Homeopathy is a very effective tool for treating acute illnesses like whooping cough, influenza, shingles, appendicitis and gallbladder disease as well as chronic disease processes like autoimmune disease, autism, lyme disease, anxiety, severe phobias and depression.

Dr. Chlebowski began his study in homeopathy while looking for a safe and gentle way to treat pregnant mothers and infants. The results he saw in his patients were nothing short of amazing. The academic and clinical pursuit of homeopathy became his obsession and every day he is astonished by the power that the correct remedy can have on a patients’ health.


Structure equals function. Chiropractic is often the answer for most musculoskeletal problems. Today’s chiropractors are the 21st century experts in neuro-biomechanical conditions. Headaches, neck and back pain are usually easy fixes with chiropractic care. Dr. Chlebowski also has specialized training in treating extremity problems such as carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis and rotator cuff issues.

In the state of Oregon we have a system in place that allows a motorist involved in an accident to receive $15,000 worth of treatment at no cost. Dr. Chlebowski has helped hundreds of people recover quickly and completely from serious car accidents. There is no charge to the motorist and our office is happy to process and take care of all the paperwork for your claim.


Dr. Chlebowski has a strong background in herbal medicine and finds it is effective method of treating many conditions. Eczema, lyme disease, colic, migraines and autoimmune diseases are a few of the diseases, which have yielded to his individualized herbal formulas.

Herbs can be very powerful treatments and Dr. Chlebowski often uses them instead of prescription medications. Many recalcitrant bacteria infections will succumb to herbs long after antibiotics have become ineffective. He has experience working with very sick people on many medications and slowly decreasing their dosages while integrating herbal and nutritional advice in order to make his patients healthier. There is an extensive herbal medicinary on site at both Ashland Natural Medicine locations.


In our country up until the 1950’s, for the most part, the food that graced our plates made up a nutritious, healthy, balanced diet. Since that time we have shifted away from a simple, balanced diet to one that is processed, modified and devoid of nutrition. It is Dr. Chlebowski’s goal to help people move back to a healthier way of eating.

What Dr. Chlebowski has seen countless times over the years is that a lot of people know that they are eating improperly but they don’t know what needs to change. By taking a through history and ordering the proper tests Dr. Chlebowski can determine what issues a client is having with their diet.


Most new patients should expect to have some testing done early in their treatment. Dr. Chlebowski uses testing very effectively to find the exact cause of a problem instead of speculating, and wasting valuable time and money.

Common sense and a deep desire to help people are the cornerstones of care at Ashland Natural Medicine, but we also believe in using the latest technology and testing to achieve the best possible results for our patients.


Many patients today carry a toxic burden of metals or chemicals. Doctor Chlebowski uses the latest testing and detoxification techniques to help people heal.


IV Therapy

Bilateral Nasal Specific Technique

Cryotherapy for warts

B12 injections


Gynecological Exams

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