What to do to prevent the flu

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I get asked every single day what to do to avoid the flu. Here are several tips that can help you to avoid succumbing to this uncomfortable infection.

1) Flu shots are rarely the answer. There have been no major studies that have shown that receiving a flu shot decreases mortality from the flu. It is also unclear if you are actually any less likely to catch the flu if you have received the shot. Except for the immunocompromised elderly it is usually an unnecessary risk to receive the vaccine.

2) Make sure you have adequate vitamin D levels. Have your doctor check your levels twice a year to make sure you are in the 80-100 ng/ml range for optimal protection.

3) Get lots of rest and stay hydrated during flu season. The more run down we get the easier for the influenza virus to set up shop in our cells.

4) Elderberry syrup is a great natural anti-viral. Taking one tablespoon per day during cold and flu season does wonders to ward off the flu.

5) At the first sign of the flu take a few pellets of oscillococinium. This is a homeopathic remedy made by Boiron. This is a highly effective way to stop the flu in its tracks. If you are not already under the care of a constitutional homeopath this is your best bet for aborting a flu early on. This remedy is available at most health food stores these days.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to the flu. Stay healthy so the virus doesnt have a chance when you come into contact with it. Happy holidays and stay healthy.

Good luck and good health.

Dr. Chris Chlebowski

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